My Favourite Creatives with Inspiring Vlogs


Lately I’ve been really into watching vlogs from creatives that I admire and sometimes I like them so much that I start watching all their old ones too, one after another! It’s been super inspiring for me to see some real honest footage of what’s happening behind the scenes and how they’re dealing with their work flow and business. Here’s a list of my absolute favourites!


The good vibes coming from her vlogs are contagious and honestly, I always feel motivated and happy after watching them! Sha’an is very talented, quirky and honest. She’ll show you when things are a mess and don’t work out, but also her massive wins and when it all falls into place perfectly in the end. She also does the best video editing which makes you want to be part of her world. I kinda wish I was her ;)


This girl is SO COOL! Fran is very much unique in her talent and way of seeing things and I’m all for it. She’s been traveling loads with her partner Ed and you can tell that she’s got a lot of experience in her field and an eye for illustrating characters and expressions. I love watching her process and behind the scenes. She always makes her vlogs as real as possible which makes you realise that even the most talented people don’t have everything figured out all the time, and there’s nothing bad about it!


She’s one of the first creatives that I started to follow regularly on Youtube and I’ve learnt so much from her! Sara is very soft and has a distinct aesthetic that feels like a small cosy cocoon. She’s based in Berlin so it’s also great to discover her surroundings and what inspires her vlog after vlog. My favourites though are the ones when she shows how she’s using Procreate on iPad and the process behind her projects. Love her!


Ok, you just HAVE to watch one of her earlier vlogs to understand fully who Catherine is. She’s the most bubbly, fun and happiest creatives I follow and she’s just so good at filming her day-to day work and how to’s. Honestly, she just makes me laugh so much whilst teaching very valuable tips and I think that’s why I like following her so much. She makes everything fun and interesting and I’ve been blown away by the success of her Etsy shop in such a short time!


I’m so sad that she doesn’t upload more regular vlogs because they’s so good to watch! She’s a true artist and her way of working is fascinating. She inspires me every time to do better with my colour palettes and to see things differently to what we’re used to. I also love her humour and way of editing her vlogs! As someone who’s very much ‘uncool’ and 90% of the time awkward, I also admire her for a natural swag ;)

I hope this small list helps you to discover something new, and let me know if you’ve started to follow any of these amazing creatives too! And if you guys have suggestions of other inspiring creatives to follow, I’m all ears :)