It's time to get cosy!


As Summer is definitely saying goodbye and the sun is going down earlier every night (crying inside), it’s time to embrace the colder months fully and slow down a little bit!

Autumn/Winter are not my favourite seasons by far. Actually, I used to hate them! It’s always cold, windy, humid and dark. I’m the kind of girl that likes waking up to a warm sun with a very long day ahead of her and these seasons are basically the opposite of all this. However, after more than 5 years in North Wales, I’ve definitely learnt to enjoy them and even look forward to them. The funny thing is that I prefer Spring and Summer in France, but the moment Autumn is arriving, I always miss the UK and North Wales in particular. It’s silly, but after living there, I feel that the moody and cold weather is way better suited to the mountains and coasts of Wales and the atmosphere is completely different and enjoyable.

I always looked forward to walks in the forests or on the beach with a dramatic grey sky on the horizon, cosy nights under a blanket with a hot chocolate, loads of candles on and Harry Potter on TV, and above all, strolling around little towns like Betws-y-Coed and stopping in a warm coffee shop to get a hot brew and a treat. And let’s not forget the run up to Christmas which I found way more crazy and enthusiastic over there than in France! I mean, the moment Halloween was over, people would start eating mince pies and talking about Christmas parties straight away. In France, or at least where I’m living and with my experience, the atmosphere gets a bit more festive at the beginning of December but it’s really about two weeks before Christmas that everyone starts getting excited.

So now I’m ready to embrace the new season the British way but in France ;) I won’t lie, it helps that I married a Welsh man who’s all for it too! It’s time to take it easy, put some jumpers on and cook some hearty meals and I’m not mad about it. The past few months have gone by in a bit of a blur and I’m quite happy to slow down.

Let me know if you agree and are looking forward to it or if you hate Autumn/Winter like I used to!

Little bonus: I designed some free phone wallpapers with the illustration above, so feel free to download them below! I would just like to remind everyone that they're only for personal use, thank you :)

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