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Last month I was interviewed by Rola from Choulala Box about my childhood, my work and my opinions on the new set of Flashcards I helped design! I was pleasantly surprised at the type of questions she was asking and I had a lot of fun replying to them.

Here’s a little snippet of the first question! And if that sparks your interest, follow the link in the button below to see the full interview!

Tell us a little about your childhood. Where you grew up. What your fondest memories are of that time. What kind of up bringing and values your parents had that impacted you?

I grew up in a little village not too far from Nantes, France. Looking back, I feel very lucky that I got the chance to grow up in a rural area so close to such a big city! There’s a small forest behind my parents’ back garden and me and my cousins would always play outside, climb up trees and build some weird looking shacks with whatever wood we could find. These memories have to be some of the best ones I have from my childhood! I was a bit wild, stubborn and independent, always full of energy and talking loud pretty much all the time (which hasn’t really changed haha). Other fond memories are probably baking cakes with my mum, me and my sister dancing and singing to Spice Girls tracks (and asking my dad to film us!), summer vacations with my whole family where we would go camping by the sea, and reading books from cover to cover all day long from the moment I could read properly.

My parents were the kind of not too strict but not too relaxed ones either. They would always be fair with me and my siblings and I never felt like I wasn’t allowed to do anything, as long as I was telling them what I was up to and where I was going. I had a happy childhood and I realise now how much they were doing for us and how our well-being was always so important to them. They taught me many important values…